How I got Ariel red hair using HENNA!

Hello henna lovers,
today I am going to walk you through the process of how I got bright red hair using henna. Now Henna sticks to the natural color of your hair, so if your hair is dark you will get a dark red, however since I recently bleached my hair I was able to get Ariel red hair.

I used Crystal Collins method but tweaked it a bit. Here is a link to her Youtube channel. I love her videos and I know you will as well.

I buy my Henna from . I purchased 2 bags of Wine Red Henna for my shoulder length hair.

Here is what I mixed my henna with:

4 bags of Black Cherry Berry tea. Boiled 3 cups of water then let it cool.

I also mixed in about 3 teaspoons of Red Wine Vinegar. I eye ball the amount. The Vinegar helps the henna stick to the roots of your hair, as well as the red wine enhances the red color. It also conditions your hair. 
I also added in Lavender essential oil that I purchased from Henna King. It makes the Henna smell much better than the normal grass or hay smell. 

You want your Henna to be the consistency of  mashed potatoes or pancake mix. 

Be sure to use thick gloves, as Henna will stain anything it touches. If you use Henna Maiden there are gloves provided, however I do not use them because they are way to thin, so I use kitchen gloves. I also use Vaseline around my hair line and ears to avoid stains. You will also get a hair net. 

Now depending on how dark you want your hair you can choose to let it sit anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Some people will even leave their Henna on over night, however I am not that patient. I leave my Henna on for 3 hours. 

Here is the final result. I have my Ariel hair. Can't wait to see it in the sun. I only used conditioner. Don't shampoo unless you need to because it can cause the color to come out faster. Use luke warm water, as hot water causing the henna to bleed out more.  Also blow dry hair so it won't bleed on everything. Blow drying will also help the color set. Don't wash your hair again for at least 24 hours. I wait 2 days then shampoo and condition like normal. You will see some orange bleeding in the shower for a week or so.  

I'll update you on what my hair looks like in a few days after the Henna has settled into my hair, as well as take some photos out side in the sun! 


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