Does Henna Fade?

I love Henna, there is really nothing about Henna that I don't like.
Thank you all for your questions. This is for all of you who asked about fading, and wondering about the color after being on hair a while!  I made a video about it just for you!

The questions were as follows:
What does Henna look like once it's been in your hair a few months, and does it fade?

The answer to fading is no and yes. Henna will fade a little (not like chemical dye). The Henna bleeds out for about a week, causing the color to fade slightly, not enough to really tell. No your Henna will not look washed out or faded in that term. So the answer can also be no. Once your Henna has oxidized, it will stay that color until you touch up, or re-dye it. 

To answer the question on what Henna looks like after being in your hair awhile, I'd have to say it darkens a bit. I'd say about 1 week after you Henna, that color will stay in your hair until you change it. My hair is pretty close to the Wine Red I dyed it back in July. 

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Enjoy the video! 


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